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Professional Success Starts with Promotion

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, getting found and promoting your brand is important. You can start this even as a student and continue it into the future. The process should be constant, holistic and cumulative. The search engines remember how long and how frequently you have created things so staying active is important.

Spa Tech Institute is constantly investing in making sure the name of the school and the graduates are as visible on the internet as possible. This is expensive and done for your benefit. It’s known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as many other terms. But it only helps you if you take advantage of using it.

Promotion on Spa Tech Institute Sites

Here are some ways you can use the school to help promote who you are and what you are doing.

  • Post where you are working on so people can find you through the school. Keeping this posting up to date is critical. You can also put links to your website which will increase the SEO on your site.
  • Go to the YouTube Channel for Spa Tech Institute and link to videos that you are in. Use the Share feature to share it on your Facebook account or Twitter. When potential clients see you featured on the school site it increases your credibility and status. It also gives them a chance to see the quality of the education you received as the Spa Tech channel creates credibility for the professional quality of what you have learned.
  • On any videos where you appear, add comments and be sure to put a link to your website, Graduate-Referral listing or Facebook business page so you can get link backs to your information. The comments may not be read by everyone but the SEO will help your pages and site to be found.
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the school so you will know when a new video has been posted. This way you can add comments whenever a new video is posted. By adding comments to new videos you will increase your exposure on the freshest content. (BTW: The school monitors and approves what’s posted to keep spammers from filling up the comments.
  • Subscribe to this blog and the other blogs associated with the school and post comments whenever a new post is added. You will see the other blogs listed on the home page of as well as on the school blog that is listed at the end of the left hand navigation on the website. Again, the comments are moderated to weed out spammers.
  • When the school has video contests, enter something so you can get access to the Social Media webinars as well as having additional content that you can point to. The competitions will be listed on this blog as well as the school blog on the website.

These practices will incrementally enhance your visibility on the internet and make it easier for people to find you. Be sure to always include links to you websites and page listings on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels. The more you share and promote what you are doing, the more the world will recognize your commitment to your profession.

Example of Successful Promotion by Spa Tech Graduate

I also want to give a shout out to one of our cosmetology graduates who is doing a really great job of promoting her brand. Looking at what she is doing with her Facebook page listing and Blog is a great example of someone who is headed for future industry success. I recommend you Like her page and subscribe to her Blog even if you are not a cosmetologist. Not only is the information good but she is doing a great job. Follow her example and see your business and brand grow.

Be well and prosperous.


p.s. Are there other things you would like to see written about? Let me know so we can continue to give you what you need to succeed.


Getting the Job

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Where Are You Going To Work?

I recently spoke with a student who was near graduation about her plans. She was very excited about going on to take additional training. Then I asked her where she was going to work. Her answer was that she was going to wait until she finished her additional training. My response surprised her.

I said, “No! You have to work. It’s really important that you get out there and get a job in what you just learned.”

She didn’t understand why so we talked about it. The reason it’s vitally important to work as soon as you graduate is so you can integrate the work. It’s just like the student clinic. If you waited until after you completed all of your theory classes and then did clinic at the end, you would have a hard time remembering the work from the beginning of the program and integrating all the work together. It’s vitally important that you integrate each thing you learn as quickly as possible.

There is also a second reason. When you integrate what you just learned you create a foundation for learning the next thing. If you don’t integrate the work then everything runs together. This is particularly true when you complete studies in one field such as aesthetics and then go on to massage or the other way around. These are vastly different fields with different skills. As you learn the new skill it’s very important that you continue to integrate the first set of skills into your knowledge and technique. And the more you assimilate the knowledge, the more the new material will be a significant addition.

So then we came to the second reason for her strategy. She wasn’t confident in her skills or her ability to succeed and felt like she should wait until she had more confidence before getting a job. Again, I disagreed. First, she had done very well in clinic and clients liked her work. Second, the very reason she didn’t feel confident was because she had very high standards and therefore it was hard for her to feel confident. In both cases, breaking through her fear and doing the work professionally is exactly what she needs to build her confidence.

When you are working with clients and getting positive feedback your confidence grows. The more sessions you give the more confident you become. If she had continued her training without working at the same time, she would have reinforced her lack of confidence as she added yet more material that she hadn’t mastered.

Mastery comes from doing the work. The whole purpose of your education is to give you sufficient skills to start your professional career. But what happens in the daily events of working professionally will lift you up faster than you can imagine. It’s like when a rocket is launched. At first there are a lot of flames and smoke and the rocket doesn’t move. Then it starts to slowly ascend and continues to accelerate until it finally reaches it’s full speed and flies into orbit. That’s very much like your education. It’s the first and hardest part because you are lifting up off the launch pad. But getting the job is like when you are already on your way and you just go higher and faster from that point forward.

When Should you Start to Plan for your Massage, Aesthetics or Cosmetology Job?

You should actually start planning on where you are going to work when you start the admissions process. If you recall, it’s one of the questions that was asked during the interview. The process should continue through orientation and every day of school. By graduation the goal is to have you well on your way to starting the new job, not just starting to look for the new job.

So whatever you’re doing, stop right now and think about where you’re going to work when you graduate. Set a goal of having a clear idea in one week and then start to talk to your teachers and directors about developing a strategy for getting the job you want. It make school much more fun when you have a clear idea of where you will be working when you graduate.

Getting Hired 101

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I recently received the following response to an employment ad for the school. In the ad it requests that the person send in a resume if they are interested in the position. Here is what they sent.

Hello. My Name is John Doe. I am very interested in the position you have listed. I have never actually built up a resume, but I can provide references and Job history. I have worked for near ten years scheduling, managing, and handling an Art gallery/tattoo studio. About 80% of my days were spent on the phone. I also ran a dunkin donuts for over a year in this time, so fast paced customer service is something I am no stranger to. I would love to talk more with you if you are interested. 555-555-5555. Thank you for your time.

Is this extreme? Not at all. I encounter this about 10% of the time. People ignore what is requested in the job listing. A resume isn’t important to them so they don’t understand why it should matter to anyone else. To them it’s just a formality. Of course, the grammar, capitalization, presentation and several other issues are all red flags as well for someone who is applying for a position that states that good verbal and written communications skills are important.

Here was my response.

Dear John Doe;

I want to share something that may be helpful and please know that I’m sharing this with all due respect and no insult intended.

The interview process begins with the response we receive from the ad. In the ad it states to send a resume for several reasons which include understanding a person’s written communications and presentation skills, what their education and work experience looks like, particularly duration at each job, and to get a sense of who they are. When the first thing that we ask for is not provided, any employer will see that as a sign of a person who does not follow directions or doesn’t value the employers time.

 You could be the best employee in the world, a hard worker and very intelligent and if you can’t deliver what’s asked for, your value is diminished. You are also in competition with other people for the position so the person who makes it as easy as possible to be hired is the one who is most likely to get the job. Providing what’s requested, being available for interviews and being excellent at following up are the things that employers look for.

If you would like to apply for this job, please submit your resume and I will be happy to forward it to the hiring manager.



p.s. I hope this information will help you find jobs that are worthy of your skills and intelligence.

The point of this is for everyone to understand the following: Employers are very busy, usually have reasons for what they ask for and will hire the person who is the most responsive.

The job of getting a job is the job of listening to what is being asked for, supplying it, whether it’s explicitly or implicitly asked for, and to anticipate the needs of the employer as much as possible. This requires paying close attention to what is written or said (take notes) and assimilating it as quickly as possible. The person who demonstrates this ability has an unfair advantage over all other candidates. The employer not only appreciates that they employee understands what’s expected and responds appropriately, they also expect that these same skills will be applied to customer interactions and working with fellow employees as well.

So take this value lesson from John Doe and use it to make yourself the most employable person in the world. It’s a skill that you will be using repeatedly so the faster you learn it, the more you will prosper. (After all, even if you have your own business, you will be using this skill with every customer.) So get really good at it and watch your career take off.


p.s. And remember to learn everything you can about the company before the interview (Google and website) and remember to send thank you notes when an employer takes the time to interview you. This will give you a triple advantage.




Video Blog Lessons

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We have learned some astounding things from this competition. With about 3 weeks to go, we have seen a large range of understanding in how to network. But more importantly, it appears that when people start applying some of the skills from the Social Networking Webinar, their vote tallies increase more quickly. The front runners continue to accelerate their rate of getting votes.

Of course, congratulations to everyone who posted a video. It isn’t difficult but it does take some time and commitment to even enter. Some took as little as 10 minutes while others have done more elaborate productions that took longer. But at the end of the day, getting the votes was what has been more time consuming.

The primary purpose has been to give everyone a chance to test their skills, learn more from the webinar and then be able to apply it to building their practice or brand. Whether someone had a lot of success with this or a little, the learning from the experience will give each person a very clear opportunity to evaluate their performance and process.

For instance, understanding if we are oriented to producing things that will “market” themselves, it’s a great opportunity to see how well that philosophy works on the web. It also gives people the chance to see how much they have to do to produce results and to get immediate feedback as to what works best. This feedback loop is more opaque when it comes to your business or practice. Knowing what works is the great mystery that all business people struggle with daily.

As we go into the home stretch I hope that everyone will continue to diligently work the process to learn from it while you can. In three weeks we will know the outcome. Keep up the good work everyone.

Video Contest Update

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There are about 40 days left before the contest is over. There is still time to enter and win but the window is closing quickly.

Monday night 8/6/12 is the first webinar with the president of the school focusing on how to generate interest and get votes for your video. This will increase the activity and rate of votes moving forward. The video contest voting is expected to jump up after this first meeting. The webinars will be every Monday night (with the exception of Labor Day) and will have guest presenters as well as updates and new information.

The webinars are only open to video contestants and are designed to help you build your career through social marketing channels. This is the real reason for having the contest. There is still time to join the contest so you can have access to the webinars in the future.

The instructions on how to enter the contest are here:

So don’t wait another day. Get your video posted on the Facebook Video Contest as soon as you can.